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Bent Metal

2022 Bent-Metal Transfer Mens Medium Bindings

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With more power comes more customization, at least that's the case with the Bent Metal Transfer Snowboard Bindings. That name isn't just for show either, since there's actually bent metal in these bindings including an adjustable Aluminum Heelcup, as well as the Magnesium Fiber Drive Plate riding under the EVA foam at your feet. This gives the binding a smoothness and ability to absorb vibrations while providing snappy energy return when you unload the board. And if that's not enough, the Dual Band Ankle Strap is a medium flex profile, giving you custom comfort with plenty of support every time you strap in.

  • Medium Dual Band Ankle Strap provides a balance of support and cushion while automatically conforming to the shape of your boots every time you strap in
  • Magnesium Fiber Drive Plate gives you the power of metal under your feet, maximizing response and pop with snappy energy returns
  • Two-Piece Chassis allows for maximum customization of stance and fit while channeling your power down through the aluminum heelcup

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