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Bent Metal

2022 Bent-Metal Transfer x LibTech Mens Medium Bindings

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The Bent Metal Transfer Binding comes with a medium to hard flex and the perfect combination of a Power Polymer Nylon Highback and a responsive Magnesium Fibre Drive Plate. This gives you precise performance and control in all conditions.

Power Polymer Nylon Highback has a medium flex, perfect for all-mountain snowboarding. The Cube is located on the back of the highback. This allows you to quickly and easily set your Forward Lean.

The two-piece design consists of a polymer chassis and an aluminum heel cup. The Flex Control Drive Plates consist of different layers that give the binding power and flex. The Magnesium Fibre Drive Plate has a medium to hard flex and consists of an upper layer of EVA foam and a layer of nylon fibres at the bottom. The layers in between consist of ecological top and bottom sheets, two layers of magnesium fibres and a UHMW poly core. A perfect material combination for precise, reactive all-mountain riding. The Pivot Discs are compatible with 2x4 and The Channel™ mounting systems. The small diameter of the discs also increases the natural board flex.

The transfer of Bent Metal comes with the new Dual Band Strap. These offer maximum comfort and response through two bands with different flex and stability characteristics. A thin textile leather padding creates a very light strap with a precise feeling in all snow conditions. The transfer comes with the Grip Form Toe Strap. Due to its design, the strap fits perfectly to every boot and ensures maximum performance. The Forged Aluminium buckles allow the binding to be fastened and unfastened quickly and smoothly.

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