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H-Street Skateboards

H-Street JOHN SONNER DOOR TO THE OTHER SIDE Reissue Skateboard Deck 33 X 9.75

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33 X 9.75, with a 6 Nose, 6.75 Tail & 16 Wheelbase, with a New School hole pattern.  John Sonner is about as original H-Street as it gets. He grew up in Vista and was part of that legendary crew with Matt Hensley, Danny Way, Steve Ortega, Jeff Partain and so many other Vista Rippers.

  John was also skating with T-Mag from the Uncle Wiggley days so a serious H-Street OG Alumni since day one! His first Pro Model was drawn by legendary H-Street artist Francesco Jekill Albertini.

When we asked what inspired Jekill to draw the “Door To The Other Side” graphic, he said it was much inspired by MC Escher and some conversations he had with Mike Ternasky about the Hensley Street Swinger, about looking surreal and with a tweaked out and distorted perspective, which he thought was a good depiction of skateboarding in general.

Skaters will take a look at a common object like a hand rail, a set of stairs or standard vertical wall and apply a distorted perspective of possibilities, utilizing a wooden board with four wheels. This became a design mantra and philosophy of H-Street that remains with us today.

John became one of the more prolific vert skaters in the late 80’s and a fierce competitor and contender to vertical skateboarding supremacy, as can be seen in the H-Street videos.

The A Series Sonner Original Re-Issue deck is made in California, with hand silk screened graphics by Screaming Squeegees.

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