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2023 Public Statement Snowboard

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2023 Public Statement Snowboard

Kas Lemmens pro model

The Statement is a midwide board that accommodates Kas’s riding beautifully. Kas likes to hit big spots and needs a board that is going to stay stable under his feet. The midwide prevents toe and heel drag so it works great if you have bigger feet or just want a board with a little stability under your feet. The Statement also has a softer torsional flex and slightly longer blend zone at the contact point Making the board quicker and easier to get on edge even with the slightly wider waist. This board also features four 20mm wide quad carbon strips in the tip and tail where wheels would be on a Skateboard. This gives the board serious boost in pop. The other features of the statement include a poplar wood core for a smooth consistent flex, a sintered base to make getting speed in the park or streets no problem at all, and urethane sidewalls for superior durability and damping. The Statement boasts a medium flex and profile that is camber underfoot and flat out to the contact points. This gives the board the perfect balance of playfulness and stability while hitting jumps or rails. Make your own statement, with the PUBLIC statement!

  • Poplar Core – Our Poplar Core is made of 100% FCS certified poplar wood. Popular is the most common type of wood used in snowboard cores for its unbeatable strength to weight ratio and is why we make the majority of our boards with this core.
  • Quad Carbon - Carbon Strips add pop and longevity to the board maintaining its pop and stiffness longer while keeping the center of the board softer.
  • Biax Glass - All PUBLIC Snowboards are made using Biax fiberglass. Biax fiberglass creates a consistent and smooth flexing snowboard tip to tail while allowing the board to stay nimble and predictable.
  • Urethane Sidewalls - Urethane sidewalls are used in all Public boards for their superior dampening properties compared to the industry standard ABS and P-tex sidewalls. Urethane sidewalls are more durable against impact on rocks or rails to prevent your board from delaminating when you get caught slippin’ in the park or backcountry.
  • Sintered Base - Rather than melting polyethylene pellets together (extrusion), sintered bases are manufactured by crushing the pellets together under high pressure. This makes a sintered base more porous for maximum wax absorption, and more abrasion-resistant. In other words it makes the board faster and more durable!

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